Sunday, February 5, 2006

Nortel's DMS-10 Softswitch Tests SIP Interoperability

Nortel's SIP-enabled DMS-10 softswitch has completed interoperability testing with Allied Telesyn's iMG600 intelligent Multiservice Gateway portfolio and Pannaway's Personal Branch Gateway (PBG) and Broadband Access Switch (BAS).

SkyLine Membership Corporation, which serves northwestern North Carolina and eastern Tennessee, is using a SIP FTTH solution consisting of Allied Telesyn's iMAP integrated Multiservice Access Platform and iMG intelligent Multiservice Gateway interoperating with Nortel's DMS-10 as part of its recently announced FTTH network deployment.

Empire Telephone will use a converged IP access solution consisting of Pannaway's Service Convergence Network (SCN) platform interoperating with Nortel's DMS-10 to offer IP video services, high-speed data and Primary Line VoIP with advanced calling features and guaranteed E 911 support to their customer base in 2006. Empire Telephone supports 8,400 access lines and covers over 320 square miles of service territory in western New York.

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