Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Netrake Targets Fixed-Mobile Convergence with Integrated SBC + Security Gateway

Netrake unveiled its next-generation platform - the 3GX - integrating the capabilities of its nCite Session Border Controller (SBC) and nCite Security Gateway (SG) platforms and adding new functionality for fixed-mobile-convergence (FMC) applications. The platform, which is currently in customer trials, is designed for next-generation, converged fixed-mobile architectures being defined by 3GPP IMS, 3GPP2, ETSI TISPAN, PacketCable and UMA.

Netrake said the use of dual-mode phones using IPSec encryption in both Fixed and Mobile networks will require a single access point to aggregate the large volumes of secure tunnels into the service provider's network. Security devices at the network edge must handle IPSec encryption of both the signaling and the media traffic as well as perform Dynamic Session Security and other security countermeasures for roaming users and applications.

The 3GX, which is available in a range of configurations including a ATCA platform, resides at the edge of the providers' IP network, bridging the divide between network convergence and service convergence. It allows service providers to manage a single secure connection to the subscriber that is capable of concurrently supporting all IP services such as VoIP, IPTV, and data services.

Within the 3GPP IMS and ETSI TISPAN architectures, Netrake converges the Packet Data Gateway (PDG), P-CSCF, and the BGF (Border Gateway function) into a single platform to provide operational efficiencies including:

  • Reduction in service entry points

  • Ease of subscriber management

  • Ability to offload process-intensive tasks from the core network infrastructure to enable service scalability and increase network security.

Netrake's new solution for Fixed and Mobile service providers allows subscribers the ability to communicate seamlessly between mobile and broadband networks. Key capabilities include:

  • Support for UMA, CDMA, and SIP on a Single Platform

  • Air-Tight Session Security - DoS Prevention, IPSec Encryption, Intrusion Prevention, Spoofing, Theft of Service Prevention, Fraud Logging, Packet Filtering, Blacklisting, etc.

  • Stateful SIP Proxy and Firewall/NAT Traversal

  • Dynamic Session Security and Session Bandwidth Management

  • Intelligent SIP Routing

  • Up to 1000 IP Sec Tunnels Per Second

  • Up to 500,000 Concurrent IPSec Tunnels (subscribers)

  • Up to 1 Million SIP BHCA

  • Up to 500,000 FW/NAT Traversals for SIP endpoints

"Service providers are beginning to upgrade their core network security posture in advance of the industry shift to Dual-Mode 3G/UMA networks, and eventually to full convergence based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture," said Mark Neider, vice president marketing for Netrake. "Adding unlicensed wireless network access exposes the network to threats such as Denial of Service, fraud, and spoofing, and 3GX is designed to eliminate those risks.


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