Tuesday, February 28, 2006

NBC Leverages TANDBERG Encoding for Olympics Coverage

NBC used a myriad of TANDBERG Television products, including SD and HD encoders, professional receiver/decoders, multiplexers, modulators, ATM adapters, IP adapters and other control equipment to broadcast the Olympic Winter Games to viewers in the United States.

As the Torino Winter Olympics events were shot either in SD or HD by the Torino Olympic Broadcasting Organization, NBC had to upconvert the feeds that were in SD to HD and convert the HD feeds from 1080i/50 to 1080i/60 in Torino before transmitting the video to the United States. After the conversion process was completed, the video feeds were sent through TANDBERG Television's encoders and multiplexers via either an asynchronous serial interface (ASI) or OC-3 fiber interface to AT&T, which handled the transmission to the U.S.