Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Narrowstep Raises $7.4 Million for Internet-based Video Content

Narrowstep, a provider of Internet-based video content delivery, raised $7.4 million through the sale of common stock and warrants.

Narrowstep is currently delivering over 70 channels, including ITV, the UK's top commercial broadcaster, the Torino 2006 Paralympic Winter Games, as well as Sail.tv, London TV, and Cycling.tv. The Narrowstep system enables owners and users of video content to reach audiences by "narrowcasting" -- targeting delivery of specific content to interested groups.

Pursuant to this financing, the investors agreed to purchase a total of 12,333,333 shares at a purchase price of $0.60 per share. The investors will also receive five-year warrants giving them the right to purchase an aggregate of 12,333,333 shares, half at $0.60 per share and the other half at $1.20 per share.


vs. Multicast

The Challenge for Cablecos
world of television is becoming a confusing place. Technology that has
remained stable and consistent for over four decades is suddenly being
usurped.  On the one hand, there is an increasingly rapid shift to HD
underway. On the other, IPTV is arriving to shake things up. It is
therefore not surprising that the world of programming is undergoing a


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