Monday, February 6, 2006

Mazu Raises $7 Million for Behavior-based Network Security

Mazu Networks, a start-up based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, closed $7 million in new funding for its behavior-based network security solutions.

Mazu Profiler is a Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) system that analyzes network traffic and behavior to provide enterprises with the intelligence required to operate internal networks more securely. By examining all internal traffic and analyzing anomalous behavior, Mazu Profiler provides security and network teams with: visibility into how the network is used; protection from worms and insider breaches and the ability to audit and enforce internal controls.

Mazu Enforcer is a perimeter security solution that detects and mitigates denial-of-service (DoS) attacks by detecting, characterizing and mitigating traffic-based attacks with speed and precision. When Mazu Enforcer detects an attack, it uses advanced heuristics to quickly identify the malicious packets, and then filter out the attack traffic while minimizing the impact on legitimate traffic. Mazu Enforcer can also dynamically adapt its filtering behavior as an attack progresses.

In addition to continued support from Symantec, existing backers including Greylock Partners, Matrix Partners, Pilot House Ventures and StarVest Partners also participated in the funding.


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