Wednesday, February 8, 2006

JDSU Launches Agile Optical Networks Strategy

JDSU launched its Agile Optical Networks (AON) strategic initiative. AONs are dynamically reconfigurable networks enabled by a new set of ROADM, tunable transponder, agile amplifiers and other optical communications technologies. The goal of a dynamically reconfigurable DWDM network is to accelerate triple-play service deployment and enable advanced wavelength applications at significantly reduced cost.

JDSU's portfolio of AON-enabling solutions includes Agile Optical Switches, Agile Transmission Modules and Agile Optical Amplifiers.

The line-up of Agile Optical Switches features reconfigurable optical
add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) modules and subsystems, including a planar lightwave circuit (PLC)-based ROADM and Wavelength Blockers, which provide the blocking and attenuation functions of a ROADM and reduce the number of required O-E-O (optical-electrical-optical)
conversions in long-haul and metro networks.

JDSU is also introducing a Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) and 40-Channel PLC ROADM. The Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) -- JDSU's WSS includes both 100 GHz and 50 GHz versions -- supporting both long-haul and metro networks -- and features "colorless" routing, enabling any wavelength to be routed to any port and giving network operators greater flexibility by eliminating the need for pre-planning of port usage. The colorless functionality is aligned particularly well to the growing use of tunable transponders and streamlines service provisioning. The WSS also facilitates wavelength routing at
intersecting rings. JDSU's new 40-channel PLC ROADM features market-leading insertion loss performance, supports "drop and continue" architectures and provides, on day one, access to 100 percent of the wavelengths to be added and dropped, reducing hardware changes required for new wavelength services to simple modular transponder deployment.

JDSU also supplies a line of tunable transponders, a key technology for Agile Optical Networks. Unlike fixed transponders, which are unable to adjust to changing traffic patterns, tunable transponders are able to "tune" wavelengths, adjusting to changing network bandwidth requirements, ensuring more efficient use of network capacity, lowering inventory by reducing the number of transponders needed in a network and providing for more cost-effective network planning.

JDSU's Agile Optical Amplifiers are key elements of the Agile Optical
Network by adjusting the "gain" -- or power levels -- of amplified optical signals on the fly, ensuring reliable transmission that supports the quality delivery of advanced triple-play services. JDSU recently completed a joint study with Siemens to evaluate the impact of optical power changes, or "transients," on DWDM network performance. The study measured performance degradation caused by uncontrolled transients and demonstrated JDSU's amplifier platform to effectively control and mitigate its effect.

JDSU also provides test and measurement solutions for Agile Optical Networks and the delivery of IP-based triple play services.

The modular, multi-function designs of JDSU's T&M instruments for the AON include the MTS Optical Spectrum Analyzers, which identify, isolate and validate transmitted optical wavelengths in an AON
network; chromatic dispersion (CD), polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and 10G Ethernet modules for the MTS/T-BERD 8000 platform; SmartClass Optical Handhelds to verify power levels in an AON; and the Swept Wavelength System.

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