Monday, February 27, 2006

JDSU Introduces Portable 40 Gbps Optical Tester

JDSU introduced a portable tester for 40 Gbps (OC-768/STM-256) -- presently the fastest transmission rate for SONET and SDH networks. JDSU said that while 40G is still in the early stages of deployment, it is experiencing accelerated growth in core networks to accommodate the widespread introduction of triple-play services.

The 40/43G module for the ONT-506 and ONT-512 supports the research and development, service verification testing and production needs of network equipment manufacturers, as well as the equipment verification, installation and maintenance requirements of service providers. Technical features for the 40/43G module include concatenated and fully structured signals for SONET OC-768/ SDH STM-256, OTN OTU-3 (G.709 FEC) with bulk or SONET/SDH client, unframed 39.813 Gbps and 43.018 Gbps BER testing, and complete alarm, error, overhead, and pointer generation and analysis for SONET/SDH and OTN. JDSU's 40/43G jitter/wander solution is compliant to ITU-T O.172/O.173 and provides the full set of jitter measurement capabilities -- jitter generation, jitter tolerance, and jitter transfer, which help during the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of SDH/SONET/OTN systems.