Wednesday, February 22, 2006

iTunes Music Store Tops 1 Billion Song Downloads

One billion songs have been legally downloaded from Apple's iTunes Music Store since it was launched less than three years ago.

Apple said more than 15 million videos have been purchased and downloaded from the iTunes Music Store, making the site the world's most popular video download store.

The iTunes Music Store now features a selection of over 3,500 music videos, Pixar and Disney short films, a variety of hit TV shows, 35,000 podcasts, 16,000 audiobooks and more than two million songs from the major music companies and independent record labels.

"I hope that every customer, artist and music company executive takes a moment today to reflect on what we've achieved together during the past three years," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Over one billion songs have now been legally purchased and downloaded around the globe, representing a major force against music piracy and the future of music distribution as we move from CDs to the Internet."


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