Thursday, February 23, 2006

Intrado Signs Partners for Mobile VoIP E9-1-1 Delivery

Intrado announced agreements with three leading location determination technology vendors, Rosum Corporation, S5 Wireless, Inc. and Skyhook Wireless Inc. aimed at providing a more mobile-oriented VoIP E9-1-1 solution.

Intrado said the partnerships reflect the growing importance of location determination in VoIP E9-1-1 service delivery. Intrado will work with these companies to demonstrate a range of location determination solutions and their ability to integrate into Intrado V9-1-1 Services.

"As VoIP moves towards fixed mobile convergence, location determination will become a fundamental component within the IP-enabled communications market," said Stephen Meer, Intrado chief technology officer and co-founder.

Intrado supplies an E9-1-1 solution that allows VoIP service providers to support their increasingly mobile subscribers.

Rosum is a start-up that is using unmodified broadcast TV signals for position location of mobile assets. The Rosum technology provides an ability to track mobile devices in urban areas and indoors, where GPS and assisted GPS solutions often fail. Rosum's founding team includes the original architects of the GPS constellation.

S5 Wireless has developed a new low-cost chip for locating and tracking important items indoors or outdoors with the accuracy of GPS, anywhere in the coverage area. Costing under a dollar, and with years of potential battery life, the S5 chip can be attached or embedded in consumer, industrial, military or communications devices and transmit critical location and telemetry information when it's needed. VoIP callers, for example, could use S5 technology to automatically route their 911 calls to the nearest emergency dispatcher and pinpoint their precise location for first-responders.

Skyhook Wireless is developing a metro-area positioning system that leverages Wi-Fi rather than satellites or cell towers to deliver precise location data.


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