Tuesday, February 7, 2006

IBM Rolls Out New Blade Systems, 9-Core Processor, 40 Gbps I/O

IBM introduced new blade computing chassis featuring new processing and I/O capabilities that deliver more than 40 Gigabits of I/O bandwidth to every blade server.

The new BladeCenter H systems provide a new way to deliver blade technology, by collapsing servers, storage devices, networking infrastructure and security appliances into a single location in the datacenter. New IBM blades and switches include:

  • A nine-core IBM Cell blade -- the first Cell-based product from IBM.

  • A dual-core POWER processor-based BladeCenter JS21 -- the first blade with built-in virtualization capabilities.

  • An ultra low power Intel-based BladeCenter HS20 -- a dual-core blade with the industry's best performance per watt.

  • The Cisco InfiniBand Switch Module -- a 4X InfiniBand switch from Cisco and IBM that provides high-speed interconnect capability. The switch module, specifically designed for the BladeCenter H, is four times faster than previous generations.



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