Thursday, February 9, 2006

GlobeVISION to Launch Video Service for Asian-Americans

GlobeVISION, a global media service company with North American headquarters in Los Angeles, will launch an on demand video service for Asian-Americans in North America. Content deals with Korea's two largest private broadcasters, MBC and SBS, as well as CJ Media, Korea's largest cable media group, will allow the "PIE" service to deliver tens of thousands of Korean and Chinese television and movie programming choices directly from Asia to the TV sets of subscribers in North America. The service is available now on a trial basis in Southern California and will begin serving Asian-Americans across the U.S. and Asian-Canadians on July 1st.

GlobeVISION's PIE Service is delivered through the subscriber's broadband Internet connection to a self-installed rented or purchased set top box that outputs directly to their television or home theater.