Wednesday, February 1, 2006

France Telecom and ST Enter R&D Partnership

France Telecom and STMicroelectronics announced an partnership to utilize their respective and complementary business strengths and technical R&D competencies to jointly analyze and define end-to-end services and platform requirements, to enable faster service deployments and greater end-user satisfaction.

The first joint R&D project addresses the analysis of end-to-end advanced security for mobile devices and services. The goal of the project is to define architectural solutions for the next generation of mobile platforms able to support mobile operators' constraints and requirements for the deployment of new secure and interactive services. The project will address many different mobile device components: the application processor and operating system; SIM Card ICs; and contactless interfaces.

Combining France Telecom's know-how in telecoms with ST's security technology developed for its Nomadik family of multimedia application processors, France Telecom and ST will work together to develop a secure and open environment for personal multimedia services and next-generation portable platforms. The final objective is to define a global trusted platform architecture.

In addition, the two companies will combine efforts to improve the SIM Card IC architecture and its connectivity within the mobile platform. They will work together to define efficient architectural solutions that will enable new and enhanced mobile services. The R&D activities will be centered on the use of multi-megabyte SIM memory capacities, high-speed SIM-to-mobile- platform interfaces, SIM IC support for contactless operation, and the use of the SIM IC as a dependable basis for the trusted mobile platform.

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