Sunday, February 5, 2006

FCC Seeks Budget of $302 Million

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking an FY 2007 budget of $302,542,000. This is approximately $1.5 million less than what was requested for FY 2006.

The FCC said the request would provide sufficient funds to cover mandatory increases in salaries and benefits and inflationary increases for office space rental, supplies, printing, postage, and contractual services. The requested funding level would also provide for funding to conduct an outreach campaign to educate consumers about the impact and benefits of the transition to Digital Television (DTV). In addition, the requested funding level would allow the Commission to replace Mobile Digital Direction Finding (MDDF) vehicles that are used to support public safety entities (e.g., emergency responders, police, fire departments) in the resolution of harmful interference to their communications systems and to expand its oversight of the Universal Service Fund (USF).

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