Sunday, February 26, 2006

Extreme Networks' BlackDiamond 12K Deliver "Multidimensional" Carrier Ethernet

Extreme Networks introduced its new BlackDiamond 12K carrier switch designed for delivering "multidimensional" Ethernet to both business and residential subscribers.

Extreme Networks said the parameters for deploying a successful carrier Ethernet platform have evolved to include a need for massive scalability, much lower costs, and huge numbers of VPNs.

For instance, guaranteed data connections are needed for valuable IPTV and VoIP services.

Key features of Extreme Networks' Multidimensional Ethernet and BlackDiamond 12K switch include:

  • guaranteed services with three-tier hierarchical QoS.

  • support for up to tens of thousands of subscribers per line card with eight QoS service levels for each subscriber.

  • the ability to serve as an "Ethernet Cross Connect" linking access networks to various content networks using a Layer 2 approach

  • standards-based MAC in MAC technology that will vastly increase the number of Ethernet VPNs per network to millions of service VPNs. Extreme's Mac-in-Mac implementation is being standardized as IEEE 802.1ah Provider Backbone Bridges.

The BlackDiamond 12K carrier switch leverages the company's ASICs and existing hardware resiliency and software resiliency features. Pricing starts at US $60,000.

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