Sunday, February 5, 2006

Equinix Links Silicon Valley Internet Exchange with Meriton Optical Transport

Equinix has deployed Meriton Networks' 6400 OTP (Optical Transport Platform) to link its network-neutral data centers and Internet Business Exchanges facilities in the San Francisco Bay area. The deployment is being expanded to Equinix facilities in the Los Angeles area.

Equinix currently connects more than 200 networks serving
over 90% of the world's Internet networks. Key customers include IBM, Google, Sony Online, General Electric, Electronic Arts, Primedia/, Hotwire, Yahoo!, and Microsoft, among others.

In early 2005, Equinix deployed several 6400 OTP systems to add capacity to its existing SONET rings, and to support the high growth in Gigabit Ethernet traffic. The Meriton platform enables Equinix to aggregate multiple Gigabit Ethernet wavelengths onto a 10 Gbps wavelength, an option that is significantly more efficient than lighting multiple wavelenghts. Meriton also uses pluggable optics and multi-service/multi-rate line cards, providing Equinix with per-port service flexibility with minimal line card investment. The platform also provides automated remote provisioning of wavelengths, enabling the ability to add capacity, wavelengths and even additional nodes to the network without having to re-engineer the entire optical ring.

Specifically, Equinix uses the 10G ADM on a Wavelength Transponder Card to aggregate multiple OC3/12/48 onto 10G wavelengths, the 10G GFP ADM Transponder Card to aggregate GigE, Fibre Channel, FICON, ESCON and DVB-ASI signals onto a 10G wavelength, and the 10G Multi-Service Transponder Card to support OC192, 10 GigE-LAN-WAN.

Separately, Meriton Networks has appointed Bert Whyte as Managing Director of its EMEA operations. Whyte previously served as CEO of Network Equipment Technologies.


  • In June 2005, Meriton Networks, a start-up based in Ottawa, secured US$54 million in Series C funding for its optical metro optical solutions. The company cited growing traction with carrier customers worldwide, including its role in supporting strategic partner, Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe, in addressing BT's 21Cn network build. Meriton said it would continue to work with strategic partners in reaching top-tier service providers, as well build-out its own channels of distribution.


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