Thursday, February 2, 2006

Deutsche Telekom Readies VDSL/Fiber Rollout

Deutsche Telekom will launch its new fixed-line, broadband access network in ten German cities by the middle of the year - provided regulatory decisions are favorable -- said company CEO Kai-Uwe Ricke at a press event in Berlin.

The network architecture will use new fiber into neighborhoods and VDSL for the last link into customer homes.

Although the regulatory assurances are "still lacking," DT is planning to invest around EUR 3 billion to set up the broadband network in 50 German cities by the end of 2007. The company will invest around EUR 500 million up front for part of the rollout, until the regulatory situation is clarified. Under this first phase, T-Com will lay around 4,000 km of new fiber in ten cities and deploy 17,000 cable distributors. Altogether, T-Com needs to lay around 18,000 km of new fiber and install 74,000 cable distributors to cover the whole country.

Ricke said the network will deliver 50 Mbps services and lead to fundamental changes in areas such as e-health, e-learning and e-work. It will support T-Online's IPTV services. Initial field trials have been completed. The initial service aims to deliver around 100 free and pay-TV channels, along with on-demand video.

The company is also preparing to launch its "T-Mobile@Home" fixed-mobile-convergence service. The Dual Phone lets users make calls over the fixed-network while at home, over the mobile network while on the go, and via WLAN HotSpot whenever possible.

At the upcoming CeBIT, T-Mobile plans to introduce its UMTS service with DSL-like speeds (1.8 Mbps).

DT plans to launch "t-info" -- a nationwide, local search engine.

DT will provide state-of-the-art communications for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

  • Germany's Federal Network Agency recently reported that there were 10.4 million broadband access lines in the country.

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