Monday, February 20, 2006

Calix Unveils Adaptable GPON ONTs, Closes Optical Solutions Acquisition

Calix introduced a family of 2.4 Gbps GPON optical network terminators (ONTs) designed so that service providers can migrate from 622 Mbps BPON to 2.4 Gbps GPON without swapping out ONT gear at the customer premise.

Calix describes its 700-Series as the industry's first "install once, never go back" ONT family. The standards-based Calix 700-Series ONTs are FSAN ITU-T BPON and GPON compliant and are designed to interoperate with third-party OLTs. The 700-Series ONTs are compatible with the Calix C7, the Calix F5 (formerly the FiberPath 590), and the Calix FD (formerly the FiberDrive 500). Key features include:

  • Auto-detect optics, enabling transition from 622 Mbps BPON to 1.2 Gbps and 2.4 Gbps GPON.

  • Customer-facing data capacity of 200 Mbps, providing headroom for handling IPTV and future services.

  • A smaller footprint and better design for mounting on the side of a residence.

  • IPTV and RF overlay video support.

  • Snap-in active electronics.

  • Built-in VOIP IAD that uses SIP to terminate VOIP calls at the ONT using standard phone sets and in-home wiring.

  • Optional integrated Home Phoneline Network Alliance (HPNA or HomePNA).

  • Support for two or four POTS lines.

Separately, Optical Solutions completed its acquisition of Minneapolis-based Optical Solutions. Post merger, Calix has 340 North American customers that have deployed more than 8,000 central office, remote terminal, and remote node systems supporting in excess of two million active subscriber interfaces. This installed base represents over 23 million access lines. The company also claims 75 IPTV network deployments with approximately 100,000 active video subscribers and 180 FTTP customers with more than 90,000 subscribers in over 300 communities.

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