Sunday, February 19, 2006

BT Deploys MPLS-based VoIP Network

BT announced a £12 million program that will see its current legacy TDM network replaced by an MPLS-based network across more than 30 countries. The project, part of BT's 21CN initiative, is due to be completed in March 2008.

BT said the new MPLS network will provide it with an increased capability to handle larger volumes of traffic and provide additional functionalities and enhanced features such as the ease of integration with any existing servers, standard interface for multiple applications, and the ability to deploy more integrated multimedia services such as audio and video conferencing, and video streaming.

The first phase of the program has already been delivered, offering services over the new platform in 12 countries. The new platform will be rolled out to three new countries per quarter while the legacy platform will be withdrawn in 2008.

"A single integrated voice platform with MPLS enables customers to leverage the true benefits of globalization, avoiding the complexities and overheads of a patch-worked networking environment. The investment also allows BT to easily integrate all of its global networks to achieve improved cost control and customer integration to convergence, said Tom Craig, president, IP Networking, BT Global Services.

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