Sunday, February 5, 2006

Brix Unveils IPTV Service Assurance Portfolio

Brix Networks unveiled its new "BrixVision" IPTV service assurance portfolio for giving service providers visibility into the quality of video content, the underlying delivery infrastructure, and the overall customer experience.

Brix said its solution enables service providers to perform root-cause analysis to identify IP transmission versus video quality impairments, monitor end-to-end video quality, and proactively monitor and manage their subscribers' experience throughout the lifecycle of their services.

Brix also introduced an IPTV Infrastructure Verification Package, the initial offering within the BrixVision portfolio that allows providers to perform continuous, proactive testing of their multicast infrastructure quality. The Infrastructure Verification Package simulates user-initiated channel changes, which gives providers valuable insight into their customers' quality of experience (QoE) by monitoring channel change response times.

Additionally, the IPTV Infrastructure Verification Package measures the key performance indicators (KPIs) of a network, such as jitter, latency, and frame loss, and correlates these metrics with the overall user experience, which is critical when troubleshooting quality problems. The Infrastructure Verification Package also includes an IPTV dashboard that provides network operators with configuration, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting capabilities to enable proactive means of assuring customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, with the Brix IPTV Infrastructure Verification Package service providers can now identify whether infrastructure impairments occur in their national, regional, or local content aggregation and distribution locations.

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