Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Bell Labs and mPhase Develop Nano-based Battery Prototype

Bell Labs and mPhase Technologies reported a major milestone in their joint effort to develop a nano-based "smart" battery. The researchers believe the technology could lead to a new generation of portable, programmable power with far longer shelf life than existing battery technology.

In a test conducted at Bell Labs' Murray Hill, N.J. facility, the development team demonstrated that the first fully assembled prototype device could generate enough power on demand to light a light-emitting diode (LED). The prototype is based on a novel nanostructured architecture pioneered at Bell Labs.

The new generation of reserve power cells is based on a Bell Labs discovery that electrolyte will stay atop nano-textured surfaces until stimulated to flow, thereby triggering a reaction producing electricity. The "electrowetting" process in effect can permit activation of the batteries when required, yielding a very long shelf life.http:://www.mPhaseTech.com

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