Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Belgacom Deploys SupportSoft for IPTV Rollout

Belgacom has deployed SupportSoft SmartAccess software to speed deployment of its IPTV service. Financial terms were not disclosed.

SupportSoft SmartAccess software automates the self-installation of an iDTV (also referred to as IPTV) connection. The solution automatically assists in verifying customers' system characteristics, such as firmware version, modem and set-top box type, configuring their PC and wireless gateway with the latest software as needed, and providing interactive instructions to connect all the key components together.

Belgacom has more than 800,000 broadband subscribers.

Networking Unplugged
home network creates a new type of environment for the service provider to
manage. Traditional telephony and video services had very well defined
business models, standard customer support processes and very clearly
delineated network demarcation points. The complexity of home networking
is forcing service providers to re-define all of these service

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