Thursday, February 9, 2006

AT&T Calls on FCC to Remove Barriers in Video Competition

"Removing the existing barriers to investment in video competition would be consistent with the broadband polices this Commission has traditionally endorsed. And consumers will benefit from innovation and choice," said Lea Ann Champion, AT&T senior executive vice president-IP operations and services, speaking at an FCC open hearing held in Keller, Texas.

As there result of state-wide video franchise bill passed by the Texas legislature last year AT&T said it was able to commit without delay $800 million in new broadband facilities throughout Texas. That includes AT&T's Project Lightspeed investment to bring new video choice to consumers. It also includes new DSL broadband service to all of the company's 535 central offices and an additional 228 "neighborhood gateways."

The company has begun a limited roll-out of its IPTV service, dubbed AT&T "U-Verse" TV, in San Antonio and expects to deploy it on a broader scale later this year.