Monday, February 13, 2006

Alcatel's "Unlimited Mobile TV for Mass Market" Combines DVB-H with Satellite Broadcast

At the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Alcatel launched its "Unlimited Mobile TV for Mass Market" project, an initiative that will use a unique combination of DVB-H-based terrestrial and satellite broadcast delivery in the S-Band, complementing existing 3G/UMTS networks.

Alcatel said its idea is to help operators protect and leverage their 3G investments while offering unlimited coverage, unlimited audience, unlimited number of TV channels and maximum interactivity.

The combination of DVB-H-based terrestrial and satellite broadcast for mobile TV would offer optimized quality coverage in urban indoor environments, access to an available telecommunications frequency band (S-Band) homogenized at the European level, and instant multi-country nationwide geographical coverage.

For the broadcast of a significant number of mainstream TV channels, Alcatel proposes to reuse 3G radio sites and antennas and to extend them with S-Band repeater capability. The solution would be integrated with existing mobile sites and antennas, whether based on Alcatel's infrastructure or other vendors. Furthermore, in the case of sites using an Alcatel infrastructure, operators will be able to reuse the Alcatel Node Bs themselves thanks to Alcatel's Software Defined Radio (SDR) approach.

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