Monday, February 6, 2006

Agilent Introduces Jitter Tolerance Compliance Test Suite for Serial Gigabit Receivers

Agilent Technologies introduced the first compliance test suite for jitter tolerance testing of serial gigabit receivers up to 12.5 Gbps. The new software for the Agilent N4903A high-performance serial BERT (bit error ratio tester) offers an extensive library of jitter tolerance compliance curves for PCI Express, Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (S-ATA), Fibre Channel, fully-buffered DIMM, Common Electrical Interface (CEI), 10 Gb Ethernet, and small form-factor pluggable (XFP). This eliminates the need to read all the standards and to program the test equipment accordingly. Customizable curves and margins can be added as needed. The compliance test suite automatically sweeps through the compliance measurement so that no equipment programming is necessary. A graphical display shows pass/fail results. The N4903A provides all required jitter sources that are calibrated and compliant with the latest serial bus standards, so the prerequisite for compliance testing is met.

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