Sunday, January 8, 2006

Vodafone and Sony NetServices Launch Radio DJ

Vodafone and Sony NetServices announced the global roll-out of the Vodafone Radio DJ music service, offering interactive, personalized radio channels streamed to both 3G mobile phones and personal computers.

Vodafone Radio DJ provides access to hundreds of thousands of songs from the largest record companies and many smaller independent labels. The key feature of Vodafone Radio DJ is its personalization system, which enables customers to "train" the pre-programmed radio channels to their own personal tastes by pressing a button to indicate "like" or "dislike" while listening to a song. If a customer presses 'dislike', the music skips to the next song.

The Vodafone Radio DJ service consists of three elements:

  • Pre-defined channels. Customers can select a radio channel based on mood or genre.

  • Personal Channels. By rating songs on the existing radio channels, the customer can create a number of new, personal channels corresponding to their desired genres, moods or specific themes.

  • Collections. Vodafone Radio DJ also presents programmed collections of songs to the customer on mobile phone or PC. These collections will be created by local music experts around a theme (eg. Christmas Hits, or the Best New Hip-Hop), be updated regularly, and will comprise about 15 songs.

Songs purchased on either mobile phone or PC will be available to download on both devices, with a separate high quality stereo copy being delivered individually to each. Personal settings and personal channels created on the mobile phone will also be accessible from the PC.

Vodafone Radio DJ will be launched in six European countries in the coming months, namely UK, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. It is intended it will then be rolled out to more than 20 countries worldwide over the following twelve months.

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