Sunday, January 29, 2006

Virtela Offers Virtualized SSL VPN Integrated With Global MPLS Network

Virtela, a global network solutions provider, introduced a virtualized network-based SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN) service tightly coupled with a global MPLS network. Similar to Virtela's existing Managed SSL VPN Services, the new Virtela SMB SSL VPN service provides highly secure remote access to the corporate network from any Internet web browser without the need for a pre-installed client. Virtela provides expert design, implementation, 24x7 monitoring and management of the SSL VPN infrastructure.

Virtela said the new virtualized design enables small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide to more easily and inexpensively exploit the benefits of SSL-based remote access to their enterprise network resources. The virtualized SSL VPN addresses the expense of SSL equipment, as well as the added costs of training and maintaining staff required to successfully self-manage the service. With the new offering, Virtela hosts the SSL gateway securely within the Virtela network, relieving customers of SSL equipment purchases and ongoing management while delivering optimized performance benefits.

Multinationals can leverage the service in tandem with Virtela's site-to-site MPLS VPN service, bringing SSL access "into the cloud" to create one seamless service for both site-to-site and remote access users.

  • Virtela operates a global, multi-carrier MPLS network with dynamic best path routing and automatic failover capabilities. Network and Security Operations Centers in Denver and Mumbai, India monitor and manage outsourced customer networks. The new Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) suite lets customers maintain control of and visibility into their infrastructures via on-line ticketing, reporting, and administration using a Web portal. The services also provide certified, hands-on expertise for managing and troubleshooting platforms from major equipment vendors worldwide.

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