Sunday, January 15, 2006

TI's PIQUA Aims to Improve IP Service Quality

Texas Instruments introduced a scheme that leverages its digital signal processor (DSP) technology and embedded software solutions to monitor and improve the quality of IP-based services, such as voice, data and video.

TI's new "PIQUA" utilizes real-time calculations to instantly assess quality parameters related to the user's experience, allowing both equipment manufacturers and service providers to dynamically adapt to changing conditions and make adjustments which today are either impossible or done manually. These quality management tools enable the discovery, monitoring and repair of services, devices and networks, allowing operators to proactively manage factors like echo, dropped-packets and line-delay.

In addition, PIQUA's real-time diagnostic tools and historical reporting capabilities will make it possible for operators to identify trends and avert problems before customers are even impacted.

PIQUA's IP Services Quality Management includes:

  • Proactive monitoring and management

  • Reacting to performance degradation before customers' call

  • Threshold-based alerts

  • Real-time diagnostics

  • Historical reporting

  • Identifying trends, averting problems, post-call review

  • Empowering subscriber support center personnel with valuable measures, analysis tools and recommendations

TI is initially working with industry partners, including Motive and Viola Networks. The company will also enlist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and third-party suppliers of network provisioning tools to make PIQUA part of their solutions. The first implementations of PIQUA, targeting VoIP applications, will be available in customer and third- party equipment later this year.

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