Sunday, January 22, 2006

TAZZ Networks Works With BT on MPLS Policy Control

TAZZ Networks, which provides policy control solutions for broadband networks, announced a collaborative effort with BT on the design and delivery of a lab demonstration platform intended to illustrate the power of network-centric ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions for enterprise customers. This proof of concept platform delivers an on-demand IP-VPN based on a robust and dynamically controlled CoS (Class of Service) enabled MPLS network - ICT-ADQ (Application Driven Quality of Service).

The ICT-ADQ platform was explicitly designed to demonstrate the benefits of policy-based ICT service management, in particular to show how applications can be delivered On-Demand to corporate customers while giving application level service guarantees end-to-end across the IP-VPN.

As part of this work, TAZZ has taken the static 6 CoS DSCP model and enabled real-time network, application, and end-user events to trigger the dynamic reallocation of bandwidth across the classes and/or the ability to flex the available bandwidth for the link. The result is an MPLS CoS enabled network that is able to intelligently react in real-time to application, customer, and network events based on business level policies expressed in service contracts to customers.

This enables BT to not only monitor SLA performance, but to proactively take corrective actions based on real-time network events to ensure that contracts are upheld.

TAZZ Networks said its Policy Control System will open up a new era in managed enterprise service offerings, one where the enterprise customer has the ability to define and control many of the key resources involved in the service delivery and management process.

"Our research programme around ICT-ADQ is aimed at enabling a new level of service assurance for our customers, moving beyond passive monitoring by creating a proactive network that can dynamically adjust to ensure application success," said John Wittgreffe, BT Group CTO. "Within this the TAZZ platform is delivering a real-time intelligent command and control point (policy decision point) necessary to orchestrate the many different components making up any ICT product. Policy-based ICT service management offers BT the ability to translate our customer's business instructions into real-time changes in the end to end network configuration and across ICT components, creating a significant business advantage for our customers."

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