Tuesday, January 24, 2006

SURFnet6 Deploys Intelligent Optical Network from Nortel

SURFnet, the national research network in the Netherlands, launched SURFnet6 -- a state-of-the-art, self-configurable, intelligent optical network.

The network is a high-speed hybrid optical and packet switching infrastructure with native IPv4, IPv6 and Light Path Provisioning over a single transmission infrastructure for easy configuration of broadband access. It is also managed via a control plane for efficient network administration, helping reduce operating costs and enhanced traffic restoration.

The hybrid nature of the SURFnet6 network is designed to enable it to tune precisely to the bandwidth demand of users. SURFnet6 can set up optical light paths for point-to-point connections that give large data streams their dedicated path outside of the IP routed network. This feature improves the capacity, quality and security of the connection, while making use of the most cost effective transport technology.

The transmission infrastructure was built using products from Nortel's next generation optical and Metro Ethernet portfolio, including: Common Photonic Layer (CPL), Optical Multiservice Edge 1000 and 6500 product families, the Optical Metro 5000 and the Metro Ethernet Routing Switch (MERS) 8600.

The SURFnet6 network will be equipped in the near future with additional advanced Nortel next-generation optical technologies such as:

  • Enhanced Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (eROADM) providing seamless photonic switching of light paths and "on the fly" creation of new optical branches

  • Electronically Dynamically Compensating Optics (eDCO) extending the reach of light paths throughout the SURFnet network while dramatically simplifying the network and reducing its operational costs

  • Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller (DRAC) allowing for a dynamic, efficient and cost optimized use of network resources

SURFnet6 was implemented by a consortium of industry partners including Avici Systems, who provided their SSR routers and Telindus, a pan-European network integration specialist.


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