Monday, January 23, 2006

Sigma Designs' Media Processors Now Widevine Ready

Widevine Technologies' Cypher Virtual SmartCard content protection system is now pre-integrated with Sigma Designs' EM8620L and SMP8630 series media processors. This enables telco, cable, satellite, Internet and wireless service providers to offer secure content delivery to consumer devices powered by Sigma Designs' chipsets.

Sigma Designs estimates that its EM8620L digital media processor series currently powers approximately 70% of all IPTV set top boxes, including portable video players and portable media players.

Widevine's open content protection platform offers interoperability with major middleware, VOD and consumer premises equipment; choice and options to deploy a multi-vendor environment; and the flexibility required to swap video distribution equipment while maintaining content protection. In 2005 Widevine's subscribers exceeded 1.5 million, spread over more than 90 current customers.