Sunday, January 29, 2006

Siemens Supplies Real-Time IP System for USAF

Siemens Communications' HiPath 4000 Real-Time IP System will soon serve as the central dispatch and communication platform -- for emergency as well as routine communications -- at more than 100 U.S. Air Force command posts worldwide.

Siemens and RS Information Systems Inc. (RSIS), a federal systems integrator and telecommunication services provider, are part of a nearly $10 million Northrop Grumman Corp. task order to upgrade communication and command and control systems at 26 Air Force posts, including 17 in the United States. The deployment is part of Northrop Grumman's Network Centric Solutions (NETCENTS) contract.

The project will enhance circuit switched Siemens equipment with VoIP capabilities. More than 70 Air Force posts throughout the globe are already IP-enabled with solutions from Siemens.

The Siemens HiPath 4000 solution supports a touch-screen dispatch console for single-touch conferencing and the real-time collaboration of critical contacts, regardless of location and regardless of whether emergency preparedness personnel and others are communicating via landline, air-to-ground, mobile phone, land mobile radio (LMRs), satellite communications (SATCOM) or other devices and modes. Command post upgrades also enable open-line broadcasting, digital recording, easier system management and additional alarm monitoring and sensory capabilities for quicker response to natural disasters, security breeches and other emergencies.