Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Redback Enhances Service Control for IP Video Networks

Redback Networks released a new version of its NetOp Policy Manager for its SmartEdge platform aimed at on-demand video and broadcast IP TV services.

Based on the industry standard RADIUS protocol, the NetOp Policy Manager 2.0 is designed to work over residential and business broadband access technologies including DSL, Wi-Fi, Cable, Leased Lines, ATM/Frame Relay and Ethernet.

The NetOp Policy Manager 2.0 solution tightly integrates with the Redback SmartEdge Service Gateway to assure high-quality on-demand video services by auto-adjusting bandwidth and expanding Quality of Service (QoS) functionality. From the content entry point into the network through the content delivery to the end customer, the NetOp Policy Manager intelligently identifies bandwidth and QoS requirements to ensure seamless appropriation of network resources within the Smart Broadband Network environment.

New NetOp Policy Manager 2.0 Capabilities include:

  • Open and flexible Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for seamless integration and customization with CRM and call center systems

  • Intuitive and scalable GUI allows service providers to easily define bandwidth and QoS profiles for tiered service offerings

  • Security lockdown features, including anti-virus, firewall, and automated password administration, to prevent login attacks

The NetOp Policy Manager 2.0 product can be licensed as a run-time software with feature enhancements based on feature roadmap, or the entire source code can be licensed which gives service providers the ultimate flexibility to customize the product. http://www.redback.com

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