Monday, January 9, 2006

Oki Electric Develops Portable MPEG4 Encoder for Satellite Phones

Oki Electric successfully transmitted MPEG4 video through INMARSAT's satellite service using a portable video compression transmitter. The experiment proved that a compact, light weighted encoder can transmit Internet Protocol video via satellite link, enabling a portable live streaming system.

"We conducted the experiment based on locations such as marine vessels and mountain areas, where normal transmission routes including fixed LAN, wireless LAN, FOMA and PHS are unavailable or, at best, difficult to maintain," said Yasukazu Hontama, President of Broadband Media Company at Oki Electric.

Oki conducted the experiment as follows:

  • 1. Encoded video taken by a small digital camcorder into MPEG-4 via its RS-M portable encoder

  • 2. Transmitted compressed video via the INMARSAT M4 satellite

  • 3. Received video at ground base station

  • 4. Delivered to client PC via the Internet

The experiment transmitted 5 frame per second with QCIF(3) with a 32Kbps transmission speed, and 10 frames per second with QCIF with a 48Kbps transmission speed.


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