Monday, January 16, 2006

Octasic Enables Colorful Calling Feature

Octasic introduced a "colorful calling" feature for its OCT6100 voice quality processor that enables callers to select desired background music, sound effects or even karaoke and seamlessly replace the actual background sound in their phone conversation.

With the explosive popularity of features like ringback tones, which first gained popularity in Asia and is now catching on worldwide, callers are looking for new ways to further personalize or add a little ‘color' to their calling experience -- in both mobile and fixed calls. This latest service offering requires unique voice processing to remove the background noise while preserving the voice. Octasic's
OCT6100 is a complete solution for delivering this type of voice processing.

Octasic said it worked with Chinese companies such as EjetCom to develop the algorithms necessary for offering "colorful calling" in existing equipment. Maintaining the quality of the voice and naturalness of the call were high priorities in the development of this feature. Due to the nature of the OCT6100 processor this feature can be provided with no impact on the capacity or quality of the existing features of the device such as Echo Cancellation, Tone detection and Automatic Level Control among others.

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