Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Nokia Estimates 2 Billion Mobile Subscribers Globally, 795 Million Mobile Phones Shipped in 2005

Nokia shipped 84 million mobile devices in Q4 2005, up 26% sequentially and 27% year on year. The company calculates it held 34% of the global market, which is it estimates at 244 million units, up 23% sequentially and 25% year on year .

Jorma Ollila, Nokia's Chairman and CEO, said "Our quarterly sales reached more than EUR 10 billion for the first time ever this quarter, and we achieved record breaking device volumes and healthy device market share gains during the full year. Nokia's sales grew 16% in 2005, the highest sales growth we have seen since 2000, while our EPS grew 20%.

For our industry, it was another year of strong growth in mobile device volumes. Nokia estimates that the global device market grew 24% in 2005, to 795 million units for the full year, with an estimated 2.2 billion mobile subscribers worldwide by year end.

Nokia's own mobile device volumes in 2005 increased 28%, reaching a record 265 million units. We also increased our full year global market share to an estimated 33%, driven by gains in China, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. At the same time we more than tripled our market share in WCDMA."

Outlook for 2006

Nokia expects the mobile device market volume to grow more than 10% in 2006, from its preliminary estimate of approximately 795 million units in 2005. Nokia also expect the device industry to experience value growth in 2006, but also expect some decline in industry average sales prices (ASPs), primarily reflecting the increasing impact of the emerging markets.

Nokia expects moderate growth in the mobile infrastructure market in EUR terms in 2006.

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