Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Edge Networks Tests Flat-Rate National Pricing for Business WAN

New Edge Networks launched a three-month trial of flat-rate pricing for wide area network locations anywhere in the United States.

Under the simplified flat-rate pricing, New Edge Networks guarantees a $159 monthly rate for every remote site on an any-size, private WAN if at least 85% of a company's locations qualify for DSL service within New Edge Networks' core and extended DSL network called BigFoot. Pricing is for a private business-class wide area network that does not touch the Internet.

Where DSL service is not available, New Edge Networks will substitute 128k Frame Relay connections for the same price. This frame relay access option typically costs $300 to $800 per site, depending on location and carrier. This is what forces the average cost per location for most businesses to surge above the $159 a month rate.

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