Sunday, January 22, 2006

Motorola Releases Multi-Radio Solution for Municipal Wireless Networks

Motorola announced the commercial release of its MOTOMESH, a multi-radio, high performance mesh networking system for municipal wireless. The system addresses the needs of public safety, public works and public access in a single network by leveraging multiple radios in both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. Motorola also announced that the city of Riviera Beach, FL has been added to the list of over a dozen municipalities to deploy MOTOMESH as its metro-area wireless network.

The MOTOMESH multi-radio broadband solution, whose architecture supports up to four radio networks in a single access point. By combining radios in the unlicensed 2.4GHz and the newly licensed 4.9GHz public safety spectrum in single network architecture, MOTOMESH allows municipalities to provide WiFi access to public users, license-free mobile broadband to public works users, and dedicated licensed network connectivity and security to public safety users over a single network.

Motorola said its mesh networking technology was originally developed for the military battlefield in order to provide instant, ad-hoc communication networks where fixed infrastructure was not available or deployable. The technology is capable of delivering seamless broadband data connections and real-time video transfers to vehicles moving at highways speeds. Motorola's unique Multi-Hopping technology turns every mesh-enabled user into a router/repeater, so every user makes the network stronger. It also allows users to hop through each other and form instant ad hoc peer-to-peer networks among themselves, anytime, anywhere. The system also features fast and accurate tracking capabilities without relying on GPS equipment or satellites.