Sunday, January 8, 2006

Motorola Acquires Broadband Innovations for RF Technologies

Motorola has acquired key cable network technology assets and employees from Broadband Innovations, a start-up based in San Diego, for and undisclosed sum. Broadband Innovations is a developer of radio frequency (RF) and digital technologies and holds patents in signal transmission performance, size, and power consumption for CMTS.

Motorola said the acquisition strengthens its modular cable modem termination system (M-CMTS) and channel bonding solutions.

Modular CMTS is an initiative currently being developed by CableLabs to provide the different functions of a CMTS through separate hardware and software elements. As service providers migrate their multiple networks to a single, IP-based network, the M-CMTS platform will scale services more efficiently by sharing the workload among several components.

Advanced services such as high-speed data, channel bonding, commercial services, and video-over-IP will require each M-CMTS component to process more signals at once. Motorola's acquisition adds key RF technology innovations to the company's extensive next-generation network architecture portfolio, including greater RF channel density, greater channel throughput, more effective channel management, and a highly fault-tolerant RF matrix switch -- all in support of substantial downstream bandwidth.

Many of Broadband Innovations' employees will join the Motorola Connected Home Solutions business, and will continue to be based in San Diego.


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