Sunday, January 15, 2006

Meru Delivers RF Signal-Level Wireless Security

Meru Networks introduced a wireless security solution that provides protection of wireless networks at the Radio Frequency (RF) signal level. The new Meru Security Services Module is software that works in combination with Meru's wireless LAN product portfolio. It leverages Meru'sAirShield Technology, which uses advanced micro-scanning, radio scrambling and transmission jamming techniques to ensure military-grade, radio frequency security for a enterprise network. In addition, unlike other wireless security solutions, Meru's Security Services Module conducts its scanning without disrupting network services. This is a critical feature for enterprises deploying both voice and data over wireless for mission-critical applications, as these kinds of applications cannot tolerate the kind of transmission interruptions that existing security solutions necessitate.

The Meru Security Services Module functions as part of Meru's System Director operating system and is installed on the Meru WLAN System's Controller. As such, the Module can be used in conjunction with Meru Access Points or Meru Radio Switches. The Security Services Module delivers three key features for enterprises, as follows:

  • Continuous Micro-scanning with no disruption to network service -- an AP will inspect packets and scan channels for security violations while transmissions destined for other APs continue uninterrupted. If a packet is incoming to the scanning AP, that AP processes the packet in a few microseconds, then continues to scan. This micro-scanning ability lets every AP on the network act simultaneously as a monitor and Wi-Fi access point without disrupting service to clients -- especially critical for running wireless VoIP.

  • Radio Jamming to eliminate rogue transmissions before they add any traffic to the network. Once the Security Services Module scans and detects a rogue, it jams the rogue so that its transmissions appear as white noise on the network and all authorized clients and APs ignore the transmission. Unlike traditional rogue access solutions, Radio Jamming prevents rogue packets from ever being seen on the network, reducing network traffic overhead and ensuring that rogues have no chance to commit spoofing-type attacks.

  • Transmission Scrambling to prevent attacks before they happen -- even those from passive or eavesdropping hackers. Traditional WLAN security solutions take packets and randomize the bits, giving only the sender and receiver the key to recovering the information. Meru's Security Services Module goes one step further and adds an RF-level scrambling in which only the sender and receiver are able to see the transmission and all other clients see only white noise. Meru's patented WRC/OD antenna technology accomplishes this without requiring any additional software on the client.


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