Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ixia Expands its IxANVL Conformance Testing Solution

Ixia announced a number of enhancements to its IxANVL conformance and interoperability test solution. IxANVL now supports test execution and automation from Microsoft Windows platforms, and additional protocols have been added to the portfolio, including the Metro Ethernet MEF9 test plan, MPLS VPN protocols, and SIP.

IxANVL's enhanced support for VoIP includes a new SIP conformance test suite for verifying interoperability and standards compliance of voice signalling protocols.

IxANVL has significantly expanded its support for MPLS VPN and Triple Play application protocols. MPLS VPN protocols - including Layer 3 MPLS VPNs, Layer 2 MPLS VPNs (Martini), and VPLS - are used by Service Providers to offer seamless private network connections to their customers. The addition of IGMPv3, MLDv2, and DHCPv4 support also extends IxANVL's coverage of key protocols commonly deployed by Service Providers at the customer edge of their networks to control access and configuration of video and data services.

The IxANVL 6.90 release (October 2005) added full support for the Metro Ethernet Forum's MEF9 conformance test suite, which is designed to meet the conformance test methodology defined by MEF1 and MEF9.

IxANVL conformance test suites include Bridging, TCP/IP, IP Routing, IP Storage, MPLS, Network Security, Tunneling, Multicast, RMON, PPP, Metro Ethernet, and VoIP.

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