Monday, January 9, 2006

Harmonic Unveils MPEG/IP-Based Video Mosaic Solution

Harmonic introduced a multi-channel digital mosaic system that tiles several channels within a single high-quality digital video stream. This provides the subscriber with a composite multi-program view. In addition, the ProStream 8000 makes it possible to increase revenue from subscription services, video-on-demand (VOD) and advertising by enabling promotions and previews, regional customizations, additional paid programming formats, as well as specialty program groupings including sports, news and children's channels.

Harmonic's new IP-based ProStream 8000 is an MPEG-in/MPEG-out software solution that integrates with video headend, transport and customer premises equipment currently deployed by cable, satellite, telco and other video service providers.

Each multi-channel mosaic is transmitted as yet another channel in the line-up -- a complete MPEG stream with all of the associated metadata -- to ensure compatibility with existing set-top boxes and televisions.

"Television is rapidly evolving toward a model where users can receive a unique 'just for me' experience," said Gil Katz, Director of Digital Video Solutions at Harmonic Inc.


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