Monday, January 30, 2006

Georgia's Pineland Telephone Deploys Occam's BLS

Georgia's Pineland Telephone Cooperative is deploying Occam Networks' BLC 6000 System to deliver a full array of Triple Play services to residences and businesses in an eight-county area of south central Georgia. Currently, the cooperative has installed the Occam BLC 6000 in approximately 35 remote cabinets and is delivering POTS, ADSL and IP Video service to its subscribers, with hundreds of its 13,000-plus subscribers receiving IP Video service to date.

In 2001, Pineland began a five-year plan to shorten its local loops with a goal of bringing the electronics closer to the subscriber. At the time, the cooperative's access network was ATM-based, but as it began the process of shortening its local loops it became clear that the industry was moving to IP and Ethernet technologies in the access network. Pineland began using the BLC 6000 to deliver POTS and ADSL. In 2004, the cooperative made the decision to begin offering IP video services to its subscribers, building their own video headend and using the BLC 6000's Ethernet capability as a transport for the video stream.

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