Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Entone Supplies Hydra IP Video Gateway to Consolidated Comm.

Consolidated Communications, which serves approximately 245,000 local access lines in Illinois and Texas, is deploying Entone's Hydra IP video gateway to support its IPTV launch. The Hydra IP video gateway can deliver up to three independent television channels to any combination of up to six television sets. In-home video distribution is performed using a home's existing coaxial cabling and no additional set-top boxes are required at the various televisions throughout the home. Hydra typically resides with the primary television or home entertainment center, providing the full breadth of video interfaces including coax, composite, s-video and component video. Installation of other televisions simply involves plugging the television into the coax jack. No new wiring and no additional set-top box required.

In addition to Entone's Hydra IP video gateway, Consolidated is also using Entone's StreamLiner network video recorder (NVR) based on HP's server hardware to support its video on demand (VOD) services. Consolidated Communications' IPTV deployment also includes headend equipment from Tut Systems, Myrio middleware from Siemens SURPASS Home Entertainment solutions, and content protection from Verimatrix.

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