Sunday, January 15, 2006

DragonWave Adds Frequencies to BB Wireless Platform

DragonWave, a start-up based in Ottawa, Canada, announced the expansion of its AirPair product family with the addition of 11, 13 and 15 GHz to their frequency portfolio and new protection options with the UpMast Radio Switch (UMRS). The new frequencies will significantly reduced susceptibility to rain, especially in high rain-rate regions, and provide considerable improved reach and network availability.

The UpMast Radio Switch (UMRS) complements the industry leading mesh restoration capability of the AirPair product. For single links the UMRS will provide improved network availability at a low overall cost, by enabling radio redundancy with a single modem. UMRS will be compatible with existing AirPair equipment, enabling in the field network hardening.

Dragonwave said these new product introductions will support all the major AirPair features, including Gigabit Ethernet with capacity scalability to 200 Mbps full duplex in 50 MHz channels, and 170 Mbps in 40 MHz channels.

The DragonWave flexible bandwidth radio platform can scale from 10 to 200 Mbps in 10 Mbps increments. Available in both full outdoor and indoor/outdoor configurations, the AirPair product operates within both licensed and unlicensed radio frequencies of 11-to-26-GHz.

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