Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cavium Launches Single and Dual Core MIPS64-based OCTEON Processors

Cavium Networks unveiled ten new highly integrated single and dual core MIPS64 processors starting at under $20 price points and designed for next generation networking, wireless, control and storage applications. Cavium's OCTEON family of MIPS64 processors now scales from single core to sixteen cores. The OCTEON processor family is being designed into a wide array of networking equipment, including routers, switches, unified threat management (UTM) appliances, application- aware gateways, triple-play gateways, WLAN and 3G access and aggregation devices and storage networking equipment.

The new SoC (system on chip) processors integrate a custom MIPS64 processor core with advanced multi-layer application acceleration and security processing hardware, along with a wide range of networking I/O options. The new OCTEON CN31XX and CN30XX are fully software compatible with Caviums' OCTEON CN38XX family of multi-core processors.

The OCTEON CN31XX Processor Family includes the CN3110 and the CN3120 Processors. The CN3120 features dual cnMIPS64 cores while the CN3110 features a single cnMIPS64 core at up to 550MHz with 256KB L2 cache. The I/Os include 3 GE interfaces, 64 bit DDR2-667, optional second 16 bit DDR2 for pattern storage, TDM/PCM, 32/100 PCI-X, USB 2.0 in an 868pin BGA package with 4 - 7W power consumption. Each processor is available in CP, SCP and NSP versions. These processors are ideal for Enterprise Routers, Gateways, UTM appliances, Service cards and Triple Play gateways. The CN31XX Processor Family provides multi-Gbps performance at less than a third system power and cost compared to alternative solutions.

The OCTEON CN30XX Processor Family includes the CN3005 and CN3010 Processors. The CN3005 processor includes a cnMIPS core at up to 400MHz, 64KB L2 cache, 16 bit DDR2, two GE interfaces, 32/66 PCI, USB 2.0 in a 350pin BGA package with a low power consumption of 2-3W. The CN3010 processor include a cnMIPS processor core at up to 500MHz, 128KB L2 cache, 32 bit DDR2, 3 GE interfaces, TDM/PCM, 32/66 PCI, USB 2.0 in a 525pin BGA package with a very low 2-4W power consumption. Each processor is available in CP and SCP versions. These processors are ideal for Wired and Wireless (802.11a/b/g/n) Broadband Routers and Gateways, Wireless Access Points and Home NAS products. The CN30XX Processor Family brings for the first time to the marketplace 64 bit computing with an integrated Level 2 cache at sub $20.