Monday, January 23, 2006

Axerra's Pseudo-Wire Deployed in the Urals

UralSviazInform, the largest telecommunications service provider in the Ural region of Russia, has deployed Axerra Networks' Pseudo-Wire solutions. Axerra's Pseudo-Wire supports circuit emulation and service emulation, enabling voice and data aggregation from a single box and providing a full-service alternative to TDM access. AXN Pseudo-Wire platforms preserve native signaling and features across packet networks, enable bandwidth sharing, and provide the high-precision clock recovery capabilities that are especially required for reliable mobile services.

UralSviazInform is one of the seven regional telecoms that comprise SviazInvest. UralSviazInform is using Axerra's AXN Pseudo-Wire Gateways and Access Devices to consolidate and transport voice and data traffic over an IP/Ethernet network in its Chelyabinsk branch. In addition, Axerra's Pseudo-Wire solutions are an integral part of UralSviazInform's ongoing strategy to build next-generation networks in other locations throughout the Ural region of Russia.

Currently, UralSviazInform provides telephone network, mobile, and Internet data services to customers throughout the Ural region. With Axerra Networks' AXN Pseudo-Wire Gateways and Access Devices deployed in the Local Exchange and at multiple access points throughout the area, UralSviazInform will be able to deliver a range of legacy and emerging services over IP and Ethernet. UralSviazInform is also using NMS - AXNVision, Axerra's intelligent network and element management system, which simplifies the provisioning, control, and operation of Axerra's Pseudo-Wire solutions.