Sunday, January 1, 2006

AMC-23 Satellite to Offer TransPacific Broadband Capability

The AMERICOM-23 (AMC-23) satellite of SES AMERICOM was succesfully launched on 28-Dec-2005 aboard an International Launch Services Proton/Breeze M launch vehicle from the Baikonur Cosmodrome (Kazakhstan).

An advanced, high-powered hybrid C/Ku-band satellite, AMC-23 can deliver and receive signals from California to Bangladesh, from as far north as Alaska in the U.S. and as far south as Australia and New Zealand, and all points in between. The spacecraft will serve local, transcontinental and transoceanic customers across the Pacific region.

The design of AMC-23 combines a conventional C-band landmass coverage payload with Ku-band oceanic coverage payload. The satellite's Ku-band payload, comprised of 20 high-powered transponders with varied bandwidths from 27 to 36 MHz, has been tailored to the long-haul airline routes over the Pacific Ocean to ensure consistent and constant broadband connectivity requirements for Connexion by Boeing.

The 18 transponder C-band payload will be used by broadcasters, cable programmers, Internet service providers, government agencies, educational institutions, carriers and private networks for next generation distribution solutions within, and connectivity to, North America and Pacific Rim.

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