Thursday, January 26, 2006

Amaru Prepares to Launch Global IPTV Service over the Internet

M2B World, a company based in Singapore with a subsidiary named "Amaru" based in Hollywood, California, is launching a Global IPTV service that will offer 40-channels of content streamed over the Internet to an Amaru-provided set-top box. Amaru is partnering Zentek Technology Singapore (Zentek) for the design of the set-top boxes and for technical service support to customers on a worldwide basis. Amaru said its content will range from Hollywood movies, documentaries, music, fashion and lifestyle to travel and leisure, corporate training and professional development. In addition, an "IPTV cache" will feature karaoke on-demand, Asian programming (in particular Korean serials) and the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Amaru operates video server farms in Singapore and in San Jose, California.

Amaru and its M2B World subsidiaries target to ship 250,000 set-top boxes worldwide within the year.

The service launch is planned for February 2006. Pricing has not yet been announced.