Sunday, January 29, 2006

Alcatel to OEM Stratex Wireless Platforms

Alcatel will resell a broad range of Stratex Networks Eclipse wireless transmission solutions as part of the Alcatel worldwide product portfolio. Under the terms the four-year agreement, Alcatel will license certain Eclipse software and products from Stratex Networks.

Alcatel said the deal would make its Point-to-Point microwave portfolio even more complete and competitive, particularly in the high capacity mobile backhauling segment.

Separately, Stratex announced the first commercial shipments of next-generation Eclipse products. The first products being introduced extend the E300 family of Eclipse high capacity radios. The new Eclipse E300hp is a high performance, cost-effective, outdoor mounted radio designed for high-volume applications and for wider commercial distribution than any previous product from Stratex Networks.

Stratex Networks is based in San Jose, California.