Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ADC to Resell Overture's Ethernet Access and Transport Platforms

ADC has entered into an OEM agreement with Overture Networks to supply its new LoopStar 700 Ethernet access and transport system. The LoopStar 700 portfolio of Ethernet multi-service access solutions can be used to aggregate, deploy and manage Ethernet and TDM services. Available network interfaces include NxT1/E1, DS3, NxDS3, OC3c/STM1, OC12c/STM4, 100FX, and GigE, as well as drop side (tributary) interfaces of DS1, 10/100 BT, 100FX and GigE. The LoopStar 700 family also provides a solution for Pseudo Wire (PWE3) T1/E1/J1 circuit emulation transport, making it economical for business applications or cell site backhaul which require both Ethernet and TDM over a single network service or private network facility.

The LoopStar 700 can be deployed in point-to-point, star, and ring configurations, and is compatible with other Ethernet manufacturer solutions as an access terminal multiplexer. All standard Ethernet element features are available in the LoopStar 700 including layer 2 switching, rate-limiting, 802.1p prioritization, 802.1q VLAN switching and stacking, 802.3ad link aggregation and Remote Monitoring (RMON). The LoopStar 700 also provides highly reliable fail-safe protection in the event of a facility failure with its proprietary sub-50 milliseconds automatic Protect Switching Ring (PSR) capability, which is equivalent to SONET-level reliability.

ADC's wireline portfolio also includes its LoopStar 800, 810 and 1600 SONET multi-service transmission systems, the SG-1 Service Gateway, Soneplex Loop Extender systems and broadband systems, HiGain modules and Wideband 3190 systems, as well as the Megabit Modem family of DSL-based customer premise equipment.


Metro Optical Networks to Deliver Ethernet Services
services represent a significant growth opportunity for service providers
and a potentially significant productivity gain for customers. Both
parties are looking to Ethernet to meet the growing demand for higher
bandwidth, lower operational expenses and better management and control.
To understand Ethernet services and revenues, you need to know the current
positioning and where the market is headed. Like any new service offering
Ethernet services are subject to a "life cycle" of technology
and implementation.

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